Audio Modulated Solid State Teslacoil V2.0

This is the new version of my mini Solid State Tesla Coil. Flashovers of over 22cm are achieved with the new Top load. Max output voltage is about 170kV. The audio modulator is also improved. Power consumption is about 300W.

There are a number of adjustments made to the original design. The most obvious are the Top load and the heat sink. The system comes better in resonance with the new Top load and the field is better distributed. This leads to increased flash over distance and more vigorous discharges. The heat sink increases the operation time so overheating won't be a problem.

This is not the only thing that's altered, the whole case is renewed. All redundant connections are removed. The audio modulation (interrupter) has completely changed. It is a new design and housed in a separate box, which provides a safe operating distance. Pictures of the Tesla Coil with interrupter:

Video of the Tesla connected to a classic Game Boy:

The music comes from the lightning discharge itself (not some hidden speaker) and is very loud. At 1 meter distance the sound level is well above 100dB. A Game Boy's sound output is monotonous, which makes it very clear on a Tesla Coil. Real music like MP3 has to much tones at the same time which makes very vague sounds.


Video of the Tesla at 50Hz:

A few pictures of the setup in action:

Close up of the breakout point:

Salt on the breakout point:

Yet a number of different substances, the substance name is in the name of the photo:



Diameter = 110 mm
Turns = 7.0
Wire = 3.0 mm copper
Total length = 242 cm
Inductance = 8.7uH


Diameter = 80 mm
Winding height= 179 mm
Turns = 745
Wire = 0.24 mm
Total length = 190 m
Resistance = 101.19 Ohm
Inductance = 15.5mH
Resonance frequency ( 1/4 Lambda ) = 400 kHz
Self frequency = 359,9 kHz

Top load:

Aluminum spun Toroid 180 x 50mm
Spike 27mm x18 mm


polypropylene film capacitors 0.68uF 400V


To ground = 22 cm
Output voltage = max 170.000V

For the ones who want to build/copy this project, this Tesla Coil is based on the design of Steve Ward. However, there are some parts fundamentally different. Please note that this project requires considerable time. The biggest problem is the feedback, if it is not exactly right then the power FETs keep breaking down. This feedback depends on the setup, so even if my schematic is exactly reproduced you still run the risk that it doesn't work right. Keep this in mind.

The new schematic

Audio interruptor

The old pcb board layout (of the old schematic)

Some construction photos:

The original project (old version) is dutch and can be found here.

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