koi pond filter

This is the filter for my Small koi pond. I wanted a waterfall, room for filter equipment (easy accessible) and space to keep a few green carnivores. Read on if you want to know why I needed a lathe for this.



Small koi pond

This is my koi pond project. I wanted to keep a few fish in my yard, but the landlord does not allow dug ponds. My solution: make the pond above ground.



Metal notcher refurbishment

A very handy tool for every workshop. This heavy duty notcher has been in my possession for a while. Now I've finally found he time to clean it up and restore it to its former glory.



Jar Pulse Jet


Dit is een eenvoudige pot pulse jet. Met een glaze pot en speciale brandstof kan een soort motor gemaakt worden zonder bewegende delen. Het is een vrij eenvoudig en leuk experiment.



Hard Drive Speaker

A Hard Drive playing music (hard drive speaker). The sound comes from the vibrating arm. No other hidden speakers.



Metal cutter refurbishment

Our old metal cutter has been refurbished. 80 years of rust sanded off, painted and sharpened blades. Now it cuts as new!

I also added a large steel sheet as counter weight.



Barn door opener V2.0

Another project with a lazy background. Every time I have to put the cars or my bike inside our barn, it highly annoys me I have to get out of the car, walk to the door, find out it is locked (50/50 chance), get back to the car, turn it off to get the keys, open the door, start the car and then drive it inside. Also the doors are very heavy, and require a lot of force to open. Now it opens and closes with the push of a button.



Zelfbouw Subwoofer 800W RMS


Een al wat ouder project, nu ook online te zien. Dit is een Car subwoofer, waarvoor ik een eigen behuizing gemaakt heb. Deze subwoofer heeft een RMS vermogen van 800W, met 2 voice coils.

Deze subwoofer gebruik ik nu op mijn kamer.



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