koi pond filter

This is the filter for my Small koi pond. I wanted a waterfall, room for filter equipment (easy accessible) and space to keep a few green carnivores. Read on if you want to know why I needed a lathe for this.

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Small koi pond

This is my koi pond project. I wanted to keep a few fish in my yard, but the landlord does not allow dug ponds. My solution: make the pond above ground.

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7.2MHz Spiral PCB Teslacoil

This battery powered Teslacoil has etched windings on a print circuit board. It works on two 9V battery's. The resonance frequency is around 7.2MHz. It is a full bridge and the primary is also resonant. It has a turns ratio of 2:105 with 6mil tracks for the secondary.

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Metal notcher refurbishment

A very handy tool for every workshop. This heavy duty notcher has been in my possession for a while. Now I've finally found he time to clean it up and restore it to its former glory.

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Tesla theater Groningen

Tijdens de Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap (thema energie) in het hart van Groningen heb ik meegewerkt aan het Tesla theater. Een muzikale performance in samenwerking met Arnold Hoogerwerf en Roel Voorbij. In dit toneelstuk worden een aantal interessante opstellingen gebruikt.

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Stereo Audio Modulator for my SSTC's

This is my new battery powered audio modulator (interrupter). It has 2 channels (L&R) for 2 Teslacoils. It is about half the size of my previous version and uses 3 AAA batteries.

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Audio Modulated Solid State Teslacoil V3.0

This is the new version of the coil I have been working on. This time I used a PLL to clean up the feedback and made a few other improvements. This seems to work surprisingly well. This is by far the most reliable setup yet.

Maximum striking distance: 28,1 cm ~280kV

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Martini Charger

This setup was especially made for the VENUEZ 2011 5 & 6 APRIL 2011 CRUISE TERMINAL ROTTERDAM event. A beverage is "charged" with a TeslaCoil to illustrate the effect of a tingling sensation. This tingling sensation is created by the Sechuan Cress plant (which comes from the chinese Sechuan Button)

The interesting part about this setup is that there is no current going through the glass or liquid. There are only capacitive currents flowing (400kHz), so there is no earth wire needed.

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