Stereo Audio Modulator for my SSTC's

This is my new battery powered audio modulator (interrupter). It has 2 channels (L&R) for 2 Teslacoils. It is about half the size of my previous version and uses 3 AAA batteries.



Audio Modulated Solid State Teslacoil V3.0

This is the new version of the coil I have been working on. This time I used a PLL to clean up the feedback and made a few other improvements. This seems to work surprisingly well. This is by far the most reliable setup yet.

Maximum striking distance: 28,1 cm ~280kV



Martini Charger

This setup was especially made for the VENUEZ 2011 5 & 6 APRIL 2011 CRUISE TERMINAL ROTTERDAM event. A beverage is "charged" with a TeslaCoil to illustrate the effect of a tingling sensation. This tingling sensation is created by the Sechuan Cress plant (which comes from the chinese Sechuan Button)

The interesting part about this setup is that there is no current going through the glass or liquid. There are only capacitive currents flowing (400kHz), so there is no earth wire needed.



Jar Pulse Jet


Dit is een eenvoudige pot pulse jet. Met een glaze pot en speciale brandstof kan een soort motor gemaakt worden zonder bewegende delen. Het is een vrij eenvoudig en leuk experiment.



Capacitorbank 11,3kJ bij 350V

My new capacitor bank is finished! This bank holds 38x 4700uF and 2x 3300uF capacitors of 350V in parallel (total 0,1852 Farad). It can hold a maximum energy of about 11344 Joule.



High power pneumatic switch

This is a high power switch which can be used to switch almost anything. It is designed to enable / shorting large capacitor banks for maximum energy transfer. Applications: Can Crusher, Disc Launcher, Rail Gun, etc.



Hard Drive Speaker

A Hard Drive playing music (hard drive speaker). The sound comes from the vibrating arm. No other hidden speakers.



European champion Shell Eco-Marathon 2010

We from the Dutch team: The Hydro Cruisers (The Hague University Delft), participated with the Shell Eco Marathon. This is a contest to create a vehicle which can run as economically as possible. We have become first in our category: urban concept. We defeated all other urban concept vehicles from Europe by driving 747.23 kilometers on the equivalent of 1 liter euro95 gasoline.



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