Metal cutter refurbishment

Our old metal cutter has been refurbished. 80 years of rust sanded off, painted and sharpened blades. Now it cuts as new!

I also added a large steel sheet as counter weight.



Hand spun Aluminum Toroid for Teslacoils

I have started spinning my own toroid's, it's a lot of work but it's definitely worth it. The outer dimensions are 180x 50 mm, the maximum coil diameter is 80mm. Capacitance: ~7,9pF



MV CoilMaster Mark1.5 Upgrade

The CoilMaster Mark1 Coil Gun has been upgraded to Mark 1.5, The fire rate is highly increased to roughly 1 shot per second. Now 2 x 1000W halogen tubes are used as charge resistor.

The schematic has been altered to allow a higher charge current flow.



Coil Gun FAQ

Due to the many questions I get regarding coil gun designs, I decided to create this Coil Gun FAQ. This article is mostly about single stage coil guns and will be under constant change. Questions and answers will be placed here and comments/suggestions are welcome.



Barn door opener V2.0

Another project with a lazy background. Every time I have to put the cars or my bike inside our barn, it highly annoys me I have to get out of the car, walk to the door, find out it is locked (50/50 chance), get back to the car, turn it off to get the keys, open the door, start the car and then drive it inside. Also the doors are very heavy, and require a lot of force to open. Now it opens and closes with the push of a button.



High frequency healing device (1930)

A refurbishing project. I got this ancient high frequency healing device from my father. It originates from around 1930, and it operates with some kind of induction coil.

Pretty funny how they used to think that electric shocks would be good for you, and that the inhalation of large quantities of ozone would be healthy?



Solar Beetle

A fairly old project that I still had to post. A small car on solar power. It contains a circuit which charges a capacitor, when it's full the capacitor gets discharged trough the electric motor.

The left half of the solar panel is connected to the right motor and vice versa. This way he always turns to the light. Vehicles that exhibit this behavior are also known as Braitenberg vehicles.




Zelfbouw Subwoofer 800W RMS


Een al wat ouder project, nu ook online te zien. Dit is een Car subwoofer, waarvoor ik een eigen behuizing gemaakt heb. Deze subwoofer heeft een RMS vermogen van 800W, met 2 voice coils.

Deze subwoofer gebruik ik nu op mijn kamer.



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