Audio Modulated Solid State Teslacoil V3.0

This is the new version of the coil I have been working on. This time I used a PLL to clean up the feedback and made a few other improvements. This seems to work surprisingly well. This is by far the most reliable setup yet.

Maximum striking distance: 28,1 cm ~280kV

The new futures include (among other things):

- A12V 6W SMPS supply with an input range of 25-400VDC, which makes it perfectly usable with a variac (my own design).
- PE detection circuit, the device can never switch on when there is no earth present in the mains.
- PLL feedback circuit which limits the maximum current by limiting the frequency.
- Dead times
- Level shift drivers to omit the GDT
- 41 mOhm mosfets in stead of 200 mOhm
- Inrush circuit




MOSFET half bridge input 25-400VDC


Diameter = 110 mm
Turns = 7.0
Wire = 3.0 mm copper
Total length = 242 cm
Inductance = 8.7uH


Diameter = 80 mm
Winding height= 238 mm
Turns = 1193
Wire = 0.16 mm
Total length = 300 m
Resistance = 290 Ohm
Inductance = 32.6mH
Resonance frequency ( 1/4 Lambda ) = 250 kHz

Top load:

Aluminum spun Toroid 180 x 50mm
Spike 27mm x18 mm
Capacitance = 7.88 pF


To ground = 28.1 cm
Output voltage = 280 kV

Since there went a lot of time and effort in designing the schematic and PCB, I won’t publish it here freely (yet). I am considering in offering it in the webshop or as a kit.

Youtube video:

50hz dc 33%
270VAC in
Pout: 600W

When using direct feedback with an antenna, the placement becomes very critical. The main problem with direct feedback is that when you miss 1 pulse you destroy your mosfets. With a PLL the design becomes much more reliable. My first version had direct feedback but it took forever to get it to a point where it stayed intact. This circuit can be esily reproduced and works perfectly every time.

The resonance is also 100% because the pll will match the VCO frequency exactly to the feedback signal.

Some nice discharges:


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